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Why are these shoes one of the best I've ever had, but I almost never recommend them for beginners?

@vibramfivefingers are among the oldest and best barefoot shoes available in the market. I particularly enjoy the V-Trek model for my hikes and the KSO EVO for working out at the gym. Both shoes are remarkably thin, flexible, and extremely comfortable, even when worn without socks. They conform perfectly to the shape of my feet and provide just the right amount of protection in every situation.

Now, you might be wondering, why do I rarely recommend these shoes to beginners? It's because they come with certain drawbacks that I prefer to avoid when starting a barefoot journey. In the initial days of transitioning to barefoot footwear (or during the months preceding the transition), any barefoot shoe may seem strange and unconventional, somewhat resembling clown shoes. While this is evident when you wear them, it may not be apparent to others. However, Vibram FiveFingers truly stand out, drawing attention from those around you. As a beginner, adapting to barefoot shoes is challenging enough without adding the extra factor of standing out.

Another issue to consider is toe dexterity. If you are an experienced barefooter, this won't pose a problem. However, do you remember when you were a beginner, struggling to move your toes? I wouldn't want a novice to spend 30 minutes attempting to put on their new shoes, only to become exhausted and give up on wearing barefoot shoes altogether.

Last but not least, let's talk about socks. Vibram FiveFingers have minimal inner seams, allowing you to wear them comfortably without socks. However, going sockless turns these shoes into the smelliest footwear on Earth, and I am confident that they hold the same rank in our solar system. Consequently, if you purchase a pair of FiveFingers, you'll need socks to go along with them. (Personally, I recommend Injinji socks, but that's a topic for another discussion.) This requirement can be a barrier for those who are resistant to making such a drastic change.

If these issues don't apply to you, I highly recommend giving Vibram FiveFingers a try because they truly are one-of-a-kind shoes.

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