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Vivobarefoot Pimus Lite Knit

If you're considering purchasing a Vivobarefoot Primus

Knit, allow me to provide you with some insights to help you make an informed decision, and whether it's preferable to the non-knit Primus.

A few months ago, I acquired what I consider to be the most stylish pair of Vivo shoes I've ever owned: the Primus Lite Knit. It's been quite the journey, with notable highs and lows.

Let's start with the positives. The Primus Knit boasts meticulous design, evident not only in its sleek appearance but also in its thoughtful construction. The knitted upper, resembling a sock for optimal flexibility, features reinforced rubber patches around the laces for durability and customizable fit, as well as plush inserts in the heel for added comfort. It's clear that attention to detail is a priority here.

Moreover, in terms of ground feel, Vivobarefoot excels. The Primus rubber sole allows you to truly connect with the ground while still providing ample protection and grip, even in wet conditions. Although the toe box might not be the widest available, it offers sufficient room for comfort, and I particularly appreciate the incorporation of recycled material in the thin yet supportive insoles.

Vivobarefoot's commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices is commendable and aligns with my values, making their products an appealing choice for me.

Now, onto the drawbacks. Adapting to the Primus Knit has been a challenge, particularly for my feet. The knit fabric requires time to stretch and conform to the foot, which, in my experience, has been rather uncomfortable. During the initial three weeks, the shoe squeezed my foot tightly, causing discomfort and even pain, particularly in my right heel. If you have wide or large feet, I'd recommend opting for the non-knit version from the start for immediate comfort. It's as good the as the knit but leave you more room for your foot.

Regarding fit, Vivobarefoot sizing has always been a bit perplexing for me. With wide but small feet, I find that the 41 EU size is slightly too large, resulting in an awkward wrinkle on the top of my toe box. Conversely, the 40 EU size is too small, leaving me with less-than-ideal options for a perfect fit.

In summary:

Design-wise, the Primus Knit is exceptional and easily one of the most stylish shoes I've owned. Its ground feel and rubber quality are outstanding. However, its fit and comfort, particularly for my foot type, leave something to be desired (I'd rate it a 6 out of 10). Nevertheless, in terms of quality, it's a solid 10. Remember, if you have wide and large feet (but not necessarily lengthy), the non-knit version may offer a better fit

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