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DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR OLD SHOES!! Give your old shoes a second life with our program recycle and reuse.


How does it work?


Supereasy. We will pick up your old shoes(must be clean and in a box) and give them to our experienced shoe refurbishers. They will make the repairs and send it back to you as good as new. You guys also can experiment with your shoes, a dress shoe with super sticky rubber to climb your favorite hill on your commute to work? We will make it happen

Image by Adam Kring
Giving Back
Image by Sigmund
What kind of repairs will we do? And how much €€€?

This is up to you. You can chose what kind of repairs your shoe need and we will do it. There are 3 types of repairs:


  • Sole: you can chose 3 types of vibram rubber to put on your shoes

    • Morflex(35€): Street

    • Zegama(40€): Mountain gout

    • Megagrip(45€): Kilian Jornet


  • Heel cup: the inner lining on your heel suffers a lot during the lifetime of your shoe. We will take care of them (25€)

  • Upper: Patch holes, remove and replace some parts of the upper… everything is possible(30€)



Check our partners in crime instagrams  and you will see the results




This service is currently only available in Spain and Germany. If you live in other country and happen to know someone how can handle the job please let us know at

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