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Trail glove 7, The Versatile Choice for Beginners

In my journey through the Merrell Trail Glove series, from the inaugural Trail Glove 1 to the latest Trail Glove 7, I've witnessed the evolution of these shoes with all their triumphs and pitfalls. The early models, like the Trail Glove 1 and 2, boasted ultra-soft rubber soles that, unfortunately, didn't last beyond 500 kilometers but offer an outstanding grip. The Trail Glove 3, while nearly indestructible, left much to be desired in terms of wet terrain traction. Models 4 and 5, though offering superb grip with nice durability, were plagued by upper material issues. However, it's with the Trail Glove 6 and now the Trail Glove 7, in my personal view, that Merrell has struck a harmonious balance. A Gateway to Barefoot Trail Running: While not an extreme barefoot shoe, particularly since the Trail Glove 4,, the Trail Glove 7 stands out as one of the best options for those embarking on their journey into barefoot trail running. Here's why: Sporting an 18mm sole, the Trail Glove 7 may not be the thinnest on the market, but that's precisely why it's a fantastic choice for those with sensitive feet unaccustomed to barefoot shoes. The somewhat narrow toe box, when compared to other barefoot shoes, contributes to a more conventional look while retaining overall flexibility, making it an excellent introductory barefoot option. ✅Like

1. Vibram Rubber for Unbeatable Grip: The Trail Glove 7's Vibram rubber outsole delivers an astonishing grip. Whether you're conquering mountain trails or engaging in sports like padel and tennis, the unique tread pattern and rubber compound combine to provide exceptional traction, ensuring you stay surefooted even in challenging conditions. 2. Sturdy Construction: These shoes exude durability and reliability, reminiscent of the Trail Glove 6's upper material quality. The choice of materials inspires confidence that they'll endure the rigors of the trails. 3. Ideal for Racquet Sports: Surprisingly, the extra protection offered by the 18mm sole lends itself well to racquet sports, such as clay and turf. It provides an extra edge in performance on the court giving you bit of extra protection on your heels when reaching for a ball away from you. 4. Eco-Friendly Efforts: Merrell has made commendable strides in sustainability, with a significant percentage of recycled materials and eco-friendly construction processes incorporated into the Trail Glove 7. For environmentally conscious consumers, this is a win. 5. Affordable Price: Considering the quality and performance, the Trail Glove 7 is competitively priced, often available for around $80 with a bit of savvy shopping.

❌Don't like:

1. Overly Protective:

For those seeking an ultrathin, super-flexible barefoot experience like me, the 18mm sole may feel a bit thick. It sacrifices some sensory feedback for my particulary taste.

2. Unique Shoe Shape:

Merrell's signature barefoot shape isn't necessarily a drawback for everyone, but the high arch shape of the sole can be initially uncomfortable, especially if you have a low arch. However, remember it is not arch support only looks and feels like it but it adapts to your foot over time(2-3 weeks)

In summation, the Merrell Trail Glove 7 is a commendable choice for beginners venturing into barefoot trail running and a surprising performer in racquet sports. Its notable features include superb grip, sturdy construction, eco-friendly efforts, and affordability. However, it may not suit those seeking an ultra-thin and ultra-flexible shoe or those with low arches. Additionally, a word of advice: opt for the men's version if you prefer a more comfortable fit, as the women's version tends to be excessively narrow.

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