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Belenka Nevada Neo Review

Hi everyone!! I've been wearing the Belenka Nevada Neo for the past 2 months, testing them thoroughly in all weather conditions and I have to say I'm a big fan. For a long time I've been searching for the perfect barefoot boot, and have I founded it? Almost.

This Shoe is super comfortable if you are used to barefoot shoes of course: wide toebox, one of the widest in the market. The inside of the shoe feels roomy enough for my feet. Also, understanding that it is a boot, the ankle subjection allows you to move almost naturally.

I've tested them in all weather conditions: rain, snow and sunny days. I ride my bike almost every day and I think I've found my new everyday riding shoes. Between -2ºC to 11ºC felt really comfortable and the leather protects you enough from light rain and cold.

If you are looking for a beginner barefoot boot check out the Lems Boulder boot would be a better option.


  • Price: 140€ for a leather boot is a bargain

  • Warm enough for mild winters. If you need more protection Check also for the Belenka Ranger

  • Quality: It is a really well made shoe. Leather, inner sole, stitching... i am amazed!!

  • I only have found a "but" for this boot. The rubber of this shoe work incredibly well on different surfaces and weather conditions. I'm impressed even with the outdoor capabilities of the Nevada. But it is super slippery in city wet tiles. You need to wear down the rubber sole for good to start feeling that grips. So the first month be careful when rains if you live in a city.

This boot is a must for me in every barefoot lover!!!! 9/10

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