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Raquet Barefoot Shoes, are there any?

I need a padel/Tenis/Pickleball shoe and that’s why I ask one of the few who can deliver, and also one of my favourite brands.

@vivobarefoot holds a special place in my heart. While not the cheapest brand on the market, it has undoubtedly earned the title of the cool kid on the block. Long time ago Vivo and Vibram revolutionized the shoe industry with barefootshoes but, unlike the odd-looking, overly sporty 5finger shoes, Vivobarefoot showed the world that barefoot shoes can be both stylish and charming, far from the eccentric creations of some basement-dwelling hippie(no offense). Granted, Vivobarefoot early models might not have been the prettiest (who can forget those questionable color palettes on the initial trail shoes?), but pkease remeber the early years of barefoot shoes were tough, with limited options available, Vivo and fivefingers basically invented the market. Even in 2011-2012, when New Balance and Merrell entered the scene, the choices were predominantly focused on running or trail shoes. However, Vivobarefoot came to the rescue, introducing super cool running and casual shoes that were not only comfortable but also incredibly stylish. It was their ability to merge functionality with aesthetics that truly made me fall in love with barefoot shoes. Vivobarefoot proved that you don't have to compromise on looks to embrace the barefoot experience. What sets Vivobarefoot apart and solidifies their place in my heart is their relentless pursuit of improvement. They continue to innovate and expand their offerings, catering to different sports and situations. Their range of models boasts incredible designs, vibrant colors, and some of the most exceptional shoes I have ever worn. The swim run model is a must. It's this dedication to continuous enhancement that keeps me coming back for more. So, as a padel player, I can't help but dream of a Vivobarefoot padel/tennis shoe and the question is simple: When is this going to happen?


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